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Falling action

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Aug. 1st, 2009 | 11:21 pm
location: big pine key, fl

Okay, so I am about to finish The Golden Notebook and like almost all great novels, the end is going to let me down. I hate it when this happens. Because it leaves me with a bad taste in my mind and despite my avowals throughout the course of the book that I will re-read and analyze and enjoy, I will dread returning to this particular piece of prose because the end is, to wit, lame.


Maybe it's because life doesn't ever end, there is no closure, no denouement. How can a novel capture the reality that life is written like a soap opera, with no ending planned out a la the Deathly Hallows? It's the moment after you pass Intro Macroeconomics, when you realize that everything you've learned is absolutely useless because the Long Run does not exist anywhere or anytime.

Maybe it's because I'm still nine years old, and I turn to novels because I feel that the life I'm living isn't interesting enough to be paid attention to. But that's not it, because half the time I feel like I'm some Martin Amis-style crazed character who is so busy writing down things that have happened that she never has time to do anything new. I'm just upset that it's ending, or I'm insulted that it's not ending the way I think it should, or I feel that the author didn't quite understand her own work.


I read somewhere about a person or character who felt that afternoons spent reading were just as vivid and worthwhile as say, an afternoon in the park or out with friends. At first I judged him a bit (me!) because you can read anytime whereas the weather won't always be nice and your friends won't always be around. But that's ridiculous, because I'm always talking about how books changed my life.

I should think a little more about exactly what I'd be, and I use "what" deliberately, if I were a Martin Amis character. What would you look like if you were to draw a caricature of yourself?

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from: thalia9
date: Aug. 2nd, 2009 10:45 am (UTC)

You missed the childish tone of that whole sentence - I'm just whining about not getting my way. Don't take everything so literally

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