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Oct. 17th, 2009 | 07:37 pm

I saw Where the Wild Things Are last night. I agree with the Slate review that it doesn't need to be "glossed, analyzed, or expanded." The movie is just childhood - overwhelming emotions, feeling out of control, trying to compensate for powerlessness, being confused by problems that can't be solved with fun. Karen O was perfect, and the kid was amazing.

And then I went with the girls to the neighborhood watering hole where my boy roommate bounces and had a few drinks and met a few randoms, then stopped by an art school party where I was treated to some tribal face painting and Funfetti cake, then visited Pat's for some cheese fries before walking the last block to my house.

I'm really liking the city and my work and my neighborhood so far, though seasonal depression is seriously looming. It's not that I work too too much, just that I haven't learned how to manage this kind of schedule yet. I'm terribly behind on email and internet, mostly because we haven't had wireless until today and to get online you had to wire up in my living room where there are usually people who have been drinking/smoking for hours, at any given time of the day (more on my living situation in a future post.)

And PS I am going to win my office NFL football pool for ~$650. Sweet.

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